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Kiss Queen Rachel [entries|friends|calendar]
Kiss Queen Rachel (you know you want to)!

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[28 May 2003|09:07pm]


Happy Birthday! You are 18 [I think] you are legal and yayfor you because you rock so much. So your day better have been ubercool or else I will go after the people who made it not and you know I will. *g*

You're so writerly-talented and amazing and funny and I just love reading about your life because you make it so interesting. So enjoy your new life at Uni and such; I know you'll make millions of friends and they'll all love you like we do.

Confidence, babe. *hug*

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*throws confetti* [28 May 2003|10:26pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]


Happy 18th, Rachel!

Hope your day is/was fantabulous! :)

Much luck and best wishes for the year ahead.


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[28 May 2003|12:59pm]

HAPPY BIRTHDAY RACHEL!! You are the sweetest, kindest and most talented 18 yr old having a birthday today!

All the best wishes to the mommy-of-silent-rocks!!

If I was really good at this LJ thing, I would have huge moving, flashing, sparkling, singing, and dancing text. But I suck! Oh well, my sparkly, flashing, moving thoughts are with you today!

::Birthday glomps::
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[28 May 2003|08:44pm]

::jumps out of nowhere and showers you in glitter and glomps::

Happy 18TH Birthday Rachel!

Hope it's a good one!
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[28 May 2003|09:08am]


Rachel..what can I say? I remember that I met you through the common rooms at FAP, and that you were one of the first people who I added to my LJ friends list. You're an amazing person - and so damned talented! You don't get to log on AIM very much, but when you do, I love chatting with you. Plus, who else could put up with Fred the way that you do? *laughs*

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[27 May 2003|09:40pm]

[ mood | pleased ]


What to say? There aren't enough words.

You're fantabulous. Having you to chat with about all the annoying little issues that plague us seniors has helped me so much. Everytime I thought the current would take me and I'd go over the falls, you were there helping me to row, and that has really meant so much.

I could gush and gush and gush, but I don't want you to get a big ego. ;) Just know, Boat Buddy, that I'm glad you were in my canoe, and if I was ever able to help you, then I'm glad I could return the favor.

There's more, but I have to save something for the "not-much-of-a-surprise-anymore", don't I? ;)

Happy Birthday, Rachel. I hope that despite the chaos of your life right now, it's still a good one. Just know that all around the country (even the world), your friends are thinking about you :)


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[27 May 2003|11:22pm]

[ mood | mwah! ]


I love you. Seriously, you should be my big sister or something. I adore you because you're such a completely awesome person that it's impossible *not* to adore you! I admire you because you're so smart and kind and wonderful that it's impossible *not* to admire you. We're Good Ship oldbie buddies, man! Chocolate body paint and rocks not speaking and of course, believing in trees. All of those things are linked to you, but even more than that: You're an awesome friend. You're probably among the first five fandom people that I knew and took to and really, really, really looooooved. And I still really, really, really love you. Girl, you can write. And you got kick-ass scholarships to colleges and you're a valedictorian! If I'm valedictorian this year for my class, we'll be matchers!
Any hard times that I've gone through, you've been there with a hug and a boogle and all that good stuff. You've done the same for me, because you're an awesome, wonderful friend. And you wrote a poem for me on my birthday, which ROX.
Anyways. Have the best 18th birthday ever, because you don't deserve anything less than that. I love you dearly, wonderfulRachel.

*hugs you, kisses you, boogles you*

Your Lizzy

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*massive hugs* [27 May 2003|11:21pm]

[ mood | happy ]

Happy Birthday Rachel!

You're the bestest fake sister-in-law a person could ask for, and I love you dearly. Have a great one, darlin'.

*hands you a Ron*


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Happy Birthday! [27 May 2003|11:36pm]

Happy Birthday, Rachel! :D I know we don't talk that much but I enjoy reading your journal entries. You are such a sweet and nice person. I hope your 18th birthday rocks because you deserve it! :D
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY. [27 May 2003|09:58pm]

[ mood | happy ]

Rachel Dearest,
I hope you have an amazing birthday!!! You're a joy to be married to and RP with! Not only are you funny but you're sooooo sweet and one of the coolest people like ever :P Both Fred and me wish you the best birthday ever. I would propose to you as did Fred to Angie but I think a few certain people might not like that XD <33333333333
:throws confetti and jumps out of a cake:


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[27 May 2003|10:49pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]

You are a wonderful person and I hope your day is as great as you are. :)
*tosses confetti and pops out of cake*

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[27 May 2003|10:43pm]

[ mood | loving ]


You iz gettin' big.

Dearest, I love you! How could I not? We are name twins, you know. You are absolutely amazing in every way, and I feel so completely special to be able to share part of my life with you, and I feel just as privilidged being able to read about your life. I definately hope to meet you one day hopefully not to far away. When you're a famous writer and I'm a famous actress, we will definately collaborate. And as stated, we will always give each other steak. Dear pronoun!Rachel, your adjective!Rachel loves you muchly. Have a fantastic birthday, dearest deary lofflet kibooble. I could ramble about how awesome you are some more or play with the word dearest a *lot* more, but I think that would get to you eventually. So I shall just say "Happy Birthday."

Much love,

Grand finale . . .


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